Annual Dance Concert


Why be in the Show?


All Studio 34 dance students are welcome to participate in our annual spring Dance Concert. Although it is encouraged, is not mandatory. The tentative concert date is early June. We take great pride in producing a professional production every year. 


As a parent, you may wonder why your child should be involved in performances. Our annual dance concert is more than just an incentive for a child who is taking dance classes. There is much more to the experience than merely providing a showcase to show off their talents and wear a fancy costume.  


Besides the satisfaction gained from being the source of pleasure for others, there is also a strong sense of accomplishment that goes with just getting on the stage. When given the proper preparation, a dance student discovers that facing the public need not be a frightening experience. A shy child will often feel a sense of anonymity behind the footlights. There is also the feeling of safety and camaraderie in performing with a group of their peers.


All performing arts require discipline. Studio 34  dance students are encouraged to present themselves in a well organized and professional manner. In learning to be a performer, a dancer gains a greater appreciation for being a receptive and respectful audience member.


On a technical level, stage directions are learned as well as choreography.  Lighting and color enter a students’ experience and an appreciation for all types of music and drama are developed on the journey to the performance. A student’s world broadens and he or she becomes able to make more intelligent choices of what appeals to their senses.


The child that has the opportunity to perform has a unique advantage over those who haven’t.  Hearing the applause for one’s efforts provides the groundwork for which self-confidence is built.  If a student experiences the acceptance from a public audience, he or she can later walk into many of life’s experiences (like a job interview) with the ability to present him or herself in a favorable light.  Early performing experiences can have a positive effect on a child’s later developments.